About Us

Myanmar Folk Art

Chin People

The Chin people are comprised of over 40 sub-groups and have dispersed into Myanmar,India & Bangladesh for centuries. In Myanmar, the hill Chin live in Chin State (Western Myanmar) and the plains Chin lives in Rakhine State as well as the central dry-zone.

Chin Textiles

Traditional Chin textiles use pure cotton (often handspun), and silk. Dyes are indigo and other vegetable dyes. Textiles are woven on back strap looms. Patterns and motifs reflect Chin culture and its environment.

Our Weavers

Most weaving is done by elderly women, but some younger women are learning to wave. Chin Chili is supporting young weavers to improve their weaving techniques.

Our Mission

To provide income for Chin women weavers through the preservation and development of the Chin textiles tradition. To conduct research in Chin State on Chin culture and identity in order to understand challenges facing Chin people and the textiles traditionals today.